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Ways to Thank Disney Cast Members

Walt Disney World is the most magical place on earth, but none of that magic would be possible without the incredible Disney Cast Members!

Cast Members take everyday tasks at the parks and resorts and make them memorable by giving Guests exceptional service.

Have you ever had a magical moment at the Disney Parks that was truly unforgettable? I have experienced a memorable moment every single trip. It always comes from the Cast Members who make extra effort to deliver a personalized experience for each Guest. I also love observing those around me to see how their day is being made. Most people are distracted by the beauty of the parks, but I would encourage everyone to take a moment to look around at other Guests and cast members to see how magical their interactions can be.

When I worked at Walt Disney World, I loved my job and I loved to be part of the most magical organization in the world. I was a College Program participant working as a restaurant hostess. Serving Guests and creating magic for them was fulfilling in itself. I noticed that there are some Guests that give back and create magic for us too! I will never forget the time that a Guest did real magic tricks that had my jaw wide open. I remember he had a literal bird in his hand...or so I thought...I am still trying to figure out that one. I digress, I have had some of the greatest connections with Disney Guests because they share their happiness with you and express gratitude for what we do.

Knowing how much Guest acts of gratitude meant to me when I was a Cast Member. Now, whenever I go to the parks as a Guest, I always want to thank the employees who made the magic possible.

I want to share some effective ways to not only thank a Disney Cast Member, but to make sure their management knows how great their service was during your trip.


You can use the hashtag #CastCompliments on social media to share something positive about a Cast Member. Many people take photos of the Cast Members and share how they made their day.

Most of the time these posts are recorded in the employees files and the Cast Member gets recognized by management. I remember that in the backstage hallways, management printed out the post and posted it in the bulletin board for everyone to see and they would bring it up by doing post-shift meetings. It was a way to celebrate our hard work.

A Grape Soda

The Grape Soda system is an internal recognition program that allows Cast Members to recognize each other. If you work for the Walt Disney Company you can access your hub and type Grape Soda to give a Cast Member a positive review and explanation of how they behaved on stage. This system gives you the option to highlight a specific value that they were practicing in the workplace. You have the option of selecting which one of the 5 Key Basics of Guest Experience they were practicing. What I love about this recognition program is that the note gets forwarded to the manager and also stays on the employee record. Having grape sodas shows the Cast Members excellency and could benefit them in future opportunities with the company.

Guest Services Card

This is one of the best ways to recognize a CM. To get a Guest Service card you can ask a Guest Service Manager or stop by Guest Relations. You fill out the card and then it gets passed through the management who approve it and give it to the Cast Member. This card is usually given out during the team meetings in front of all of their peers, and it is always a big deal! The Cast Member usually gets some sort of gift like movie tickets or entered into a company raffle called Backstage Magic.

Small gift

Lastly, there are Guests that go above and beyond by handing out small gifts to show appreciation for Cast Members. I have received cards, bracelets, candy and Disney themed coin purses from Guests. If you are feeling generous, this is something you can do too.

Next time you encounter a magical moment with a Cast Member, give them a shout out! You too can make magic for them.


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