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Sharing the Magic with Brynne Mandeville

Welcome to the Cast Member series where we share the magic and shine the spotlight to the enthusiastic and hard working Cast Members that work at the Parks and Resorts. This blog series will be interview based so you get to hear directly from the CM!

So excited to introduce to you this series with a very special College Program participant that I have been following for a while. She is one that stands out amongst the community of CPs for her passion of sharing her work ethic on Instagram amongst other magical moments in her new role as a Bell Services Dispatcher. Without further ado...the spotlights shines on:

Brynne Mandeville

Role: Bell Services Dispatcher

Location: Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

What drove you to do the Disney College Program?

Throughout school, I never quite knew what career path I wanted to take in life. I always loved all things Disney, but never considered the possibility of working for the company until college. When I decided on my major, Hospitality & Event Management, The Walt Disney Company was consistently used in my courses as an example for industry standards. When I heard about the Disney College Program, I thought, what a better way to combine my love of Disney and my course of study than to participate in a program that would boost my resume and give me networking opportunities that could lead to extensive possibilities for future employment. I knew that this would be an opportunity that I would truly be excited and passionate about and would connect me to other like-minded people who had similar goals and aspirations as I did.

"The Walt Disney Company provides experiences that allow guest to step outside of themselves and into a greater picture where they can be the best and most authentic version of themselves"

What does it mean to you to be a Cast Member?

I treat being a Cast Member with the upmost responsibility. As Cast Members, we uphold and carry out Walt Disney’s legacy and vision every day. We preserve the magic and bring immersive stories to life for our guests. The Walt Disney Company provides experiences that allow guest to step outside of themselves and into a greater picture where they can be the best and most authentic version of themselves. Being a Cast Member is a great privilege that allows me to be a part of many magical moments for guests that they will cherish and revisit for a lifetime. It is about celebrating every moment and coming together to make an impact on each other and our world.

Tell us a story of your favorite magical moment?

One of my favorite “magical moments” was actually last week, the second week of my DCP. My roommates and I finally got to go to Magic Kingdom together. Jess had a friend working in crowd control for Happily Ever After, and he was kind enough to save us an awesome spot to watch the fireworks show from. It was perfect and we were all so happy and emotional. We were finally there all together and after having such a rough 2020 and having to go through losing our programs, we finally made it to our happy place. We all cried throughout the entire show from pure joy. It felt so surreal.

How do you personally make magic? / favorite part about your role?

Working in Bell Services, I get to be one of the first Cast Members that guests interact with when they join us for their vacation. I love engaging with guests and learning about where they are visiting from, if they are celebrating any special occasion, or what they are looking most forward to. We handle all things luggage related in Bell Services, so if a guest’s room isn’t ready when they check-in, we will store their luggage for them until it is ready and then have it delivered to their room. If a guest needs help transporting luggage to another resort, we make it happen. And if they are checking out and need their luggage picked up from their room, we will send someone. Its all about making the guests’ stay as hassle free and light weight as possible.

How do you think you will be able to apply your Cast member mindset and skillset outside of Disney?

The DCP will most definitely equip me with more tools that I can use moving forward in my career. Most of all, my people skills will be top-notch and I will have plenty of practice in guest recovery practices. Working for this company, and at The Grand Floridian, comes with high expectations for exceptional and outstanding service. It is a lot of pressure, but I will be better off on the other side prepared to face any situation that comes at me. The program will stand out on my resume and hopefully lead to making future connections for other career opportunities.

What is some advice you would give to future CPs? -Have an open mind.

A lot of people will spread rumors about certain roles or share horror stories rom their program, but don’t let one person’s experience cloud your judgment of how your program will be. Also, every role has pros and cons, and overall can be very difficult. It isn’t all glamorous all the time. The first few weeks is a big adjustment period from moving, to beginning your new role. These first few weeks are filled with so many fun experiences

Now for some fun facts about Brynne!

Favorite Disney snack: Raspberry Dole Whip

Favorite ride(s): Flight of Passage and It’s A Small World

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Instagram: @brynnderellarose

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