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Easy tips to save you money and time

1. Playing it by Ear

I do not advocate for overplanning your trip to Disney World, but I definitely don’t recommend going light on the planning either. At the very least, you should…Buy your tickets and book your park reservations in advance.

I recommend knowing planning the following:

  • Know what park(s) you’ll visit each day

  • Make FastPass reservations in advance

  • Make Restaurant reservations

  • Decide your top 10 attractions to do in each park

2. Not Bringing Your Own Water Bottle

Avoid paying $5 per water bottle at the parks and resorts. Walking around the parks will get you VERY thirsty. My recommendation is that you bring with you a collapsible reusable water bottle that you

can easily carry around the park and refill in the water fountains. Plan B is to order water, did you know that ice water is free at the parks? Go to your nearest quick service location and ask for ice water and you will not be charged. Stay hydrated for free!

3. Not Making Dinner Reservations

Avoid the hassle of waiting for a table by making reservations in advance. Sit-in restaurants can get very busy and many times they can be fully booked for the entire day. I used to work at Liberty Tree Tavern and Diamond Horseshoe at the Magic Kingdom and sometimes walk-ins would have to wait up to 90 minutes for their table, other times we would be fully booked and the guest would have to miss out on the dining experience. The best thing is to plan ahead and go on my Disney Experience App to make restaurant reservations. I recommend making reservations as early as possible. My Disney Experience app has booked as early as six months in advance! As soon as you have finalized your park itinerary, go ahead and place your reservation at your favorite sit-in restaurants. The dining experience at Disney is phenomenal and you do not want to miss out on some of the wonderfully themed restaurants that Disney has to offer.

4. Fashion Over Comfort

Avoid outfit mishaps by wearing cute comfortable outfits to the parks. When you pack for your Disney vacation remember how much walking you will be doing and pack your most comfortable shoes. Also, don’t forget to look at the weather during the week of your vacation and bring appropriate clothing. There are plenty of Disney outfit ideas on the internet that you can use for inspiration.

5. Don’t Rain on my Parade

Bring your own poncho or raincoat and avoid paying $20 for a Disney poncho. Don’t get me wrong, the ponchos at the parks are cute!, But they are over budget for many families. If you are going to Walt Disney World in Florida, I recommend bringing your own rain gear because it will most likely rain during your vacation.

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