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The School of Greatness-hosted by Lewis Howes.

Lewis interviews highly-achieved and professional people from all over the nation to discuss what makes them “great”. In this podcast you will hear authors, entrepreneurs, doctors, athletes amongst many other successful individuals. I enjoy the way Lewis carries the interviews and the guest speakers are excellent motivators and educators. I learn something new in every episode that I listen to. Another thing I love about this podcast is the range of topics that it covers because each speaker comes from different backgrounds and professional industries. This is the perfect podcast to upgrade your intellect and learn how great minds think.

ON Purpose-hosted by Jay Shetty.

I became extremely loyal to this podcast during quarantine. Jay Shetty has an incredible story himself as he talks about becoming a monk shortly after graduating from business school in England. Now, he is a highly known social media influencer who shares insights about his life when he was a monk and what he learned through his spiritual journey. Jay’s podcast covers many topics surrounding productivity, mental strengths, and lifestyle tips. This podcast hosts influential people around the world, and showcases Jay Shetty’s thought on living a purposeful life.

Super Soul Conversations- hosted by Oprah Winfrey.

I am a Oprah fanatic. She is someone that I look up to and I like to consume ALL of her content. Whenever I listen to her podcast, I feel immediately enlightened. I recently discovered her podcast but it was released in 2017 and since then she has hosted some renowned individuals with extraordinary achievement like hers. You can listen to the most universal life lessons from highly successful leaders, and their journey to find wisdom within themselves. She shares plenty of AHA moments in all of her episodes! If you want to have some wisdom on spiritual clarity, leadership attributes, and useful life tips. Definitely check out her podcast.

The Michelle Obama Podcast-hosted by Michelle Obama

This podcast by former first lady interviews her network and people that she is closest with. Her goal is to show “how our relationships makes us who we are”, and how that translates with the relationship with ourselves. This podcast talks about self-discovery, growth, dealing with personal struggles, and relational insights. Michelle is very raw and authentic in her podcast which is what I love about it. When I listen to it, i feel like I am in the same room as her. This is a truly inspirational podcast for people who want to manifest a better relationship with themselves and their circle.

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